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Purchasing Stair Treads by the Type of Backing

Here at Dean Flooring Company, we offer many distinctive floor tread backing options: from the unique ActionBac stair treads that provide superior moisture and stain resistance to practical pet-friendly non-slip Stair Gripper backing that's specifically designed to help pets better navigate stairways. We recommend exploring each type of backing before making a purchase decision to ensure that you get the best possible option for your home or office. You can always contact us for more in-depth information.

Types of Stair Tread Backings

Dean Flooring Company offers the following types of backings to help protect your staircase while adding an extra layer safety to your home or business.

  • ActionBac - ActionBac is a unique secondary backing system featuring long-term yarn stability which provides moisture resistance and stain resistance to extend the life of your carpet stair treads.  We recommend that you install our ActionBac stair treads with our double-sided mesh carpet tape.  It holds great and won't damage your stairs.
  • Non-Skid Rubber Back - Our non-skid rubber back stair treads are excellent for those who need to reduce the risk of slips and increase staircase traction, especially for pet-owners or those with children. This type of backing is not machine washable.
  • Peel-and-Stick - Peel-and-stick-backed carpet stair treads are ideal for home- and business-owners looking for a fast, simple and convenient DIY carpet stair tread installation option. They make installing stair treads yourself quick and easy.
  • Tape-Free Pet-Friendly Non-Slip Stair Gripper - This type of backing is particularly effective in assisting pets with navigating stairways. Our proprietary Stair Gripper backing requires no tape for installation. You simply place the padded backing on the stairway and they stay in place.
  • Washable Non-Skid Rubber Back - Choose this type of backing if you need exceptional indoor and outdoor traction control plus the ability to clean via the hose, vacuum, washing machine, or by hand. The corrugated construction allows these treads to be simultaneously high-traction and water-friendly.
  • Woven Backing - Our woven-backed stair treads provide a non-slip grip for protecting your stairway and assisting pets with staircase navigation but require installation with double-sided mesh carpet tape, which is not included.

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