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36 Inch Width

The 36-inch Dean Stair Treads available at Dean Flooring Company are made for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in black or China Berry and many other colors and patterns, Dean Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Stair Treads come in sets of three, seven, nine, thirteen, fifteen, or custom quantities and are standard 8 or 9 inches deep. Featuring a variety of quality edges that will not curl up or delaminate, Dean indoor/outdoor stair treads add traction, prevent slipping and reduce noise levels.

Resistant to Fading

The treads are resistant to fading, which is another feature that comes in handy if they are used outdoors and exposed to sunlight. Constructed with all-weather backing and with 100% high-UV stabilized polypropylene fiber, the 36-inch stair treads which are ideal for either residential or commercial use can be cleaned by hosing off, sweeping, vacuuming or spot cleaning. After the simple do-it-yourself installation process is complete, the treads will protect your hardwood stairs indoors or your brick or concrete steps outdoors, and they will also provide a safer path for your pets to walk on without slipping.

Made of the Best Material

Track-in dirt, from either the paws of pets or the soles of human shoes and sneakers, can be prevented by placing 36-inch Dean Stair Treads on your stairs or steps. The stair treads can also be ordered with a matching 3' x 5' or other size landing mat. For stair treads ranging anywhere from 24 inches wide to 36 inches wideor other custom sizes, turn to Dean Flooring Company. Whichever size best suits your staircase, these stair treads go placed on the middle of the stairs where traffic is the highest or some cover the bullnose portion of your hardwood stairs and are made of wool, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, polyester, sisal, seagrass and other materials. They come in different colors so you should be able to find something that matches your decorating style.

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